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Corruptible by Brian Klass

Why is it politicians are so corrupt?

Why is it always that a leader rises to power and leaves a trails of destructions, which is mostly allowed to do so?

We see it, we know it, and we blame it? But why is it always the same?

This is one fascinating exploration of the dynamics of power and corruption in various spheres of society. Klass delves into the question of who is most susceptible to becoming corrupt when given power, as well as how the acquisition and exercise of power can transform individuals and institutions.

In this thought - provoking book, Klass examines case studies from politics, business, and other realms to analyse the factors that contribute to corruption. He explores how personal characteristics, such as ambition and ego, can shape a person's behaviour when they attain power. Additionally, Klass examines systemic factors, such as institutional norms, that can either facilitate or inhabit corrupt behavior.

Through compelling stroytelling, Klass sheds light on the complex interactions between power and corruption. He argues that understanding these dynamics is crucial for effectively combating corruption and ensuring accountability in our society.

"Corruptible" ultimately challenges our assumptions about power and corruption, revealing the nuanced factors that contribute to both individual and systematics corruption. It serves as a valuable resources for anyone interested in politics, ethics or the working of power

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